This script helps to expand an Azure VM OS disk size.   We normally can do this from the Azure Portal after we shut down the VM.  However, some of the VMs running custom VHD based out of Windows Server 2003,  we are not able to find the option to… Continue Reading PowerShell script to expand an Azure VM OS disk size

A tricky task with creating an Azure ARM Virtual machine specially from an existing VHD.   We had immense trouble getting this right for a project, until we managed to find the right script to be used for the purpose. There are 2 scenarios in which you will create a… Continue Reading Create a VM from existing VHD file

A script we have developed for creation of the tags for azure VM.   We use an input file to update the tags and as a test, I had done it with upto 7 tags, however, you can have a maximum of 15 tags assigned to the resources in Azure. This… Continue Reading PowerShell to create and assign Tags to Azure ARM Virtual Machines

We had a requirement from one of the teams to deploy a virtual machine with multiple NIC associated with a single Virtual Machine.  The Azure portal does not provide any option to either associate a NIC ( Network Interface Card) to a Virtual Machine nor does it allow us to… Continue Reading Powershell script to deploy virtual machine with multiple vNIC in Azure ARM

We were asked to come up with a guide on how to create NSG rule as part of the implementation for a client.   This will include a script used to set these instead of creating them via the Azure Portal. One of the many documents we had to come… Continue Reading Network Security Groups (NSGs) and Rules Implementation Guide

We had a request to create a script which will take care of deleting a Virtual Machine from Azure subscription and perform the clean up of all the associated objects as a deleting the virtual machine from the azure portal will remove the VM object alone and does not delete… Continue Reading Script to Delete Azure ARM Virtual Machine

ver Migrating a SQL Server database to Azure SQL PaaS Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL PaaS service are compatible with each other, meaning that a database can be moved from a SQL server running on a physical or virtual machine to Azure SQL service and vice versa. Prerequisites and… Continue Reading Migrating a SQL Server database to Azure SQL PaaS

We had to create this guide after having multitude efforts to get a simple iLB (Internal Load Balancer) in Azure ARM for setting up the ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) servers to connect and work via a load-balanced IP in Azure ARM.   The tricky part was to get this… Continue Reading Azure Internal Load Balancer Implementation Guide

Overview The following guide assumes that the user has basic knowledge of using Windows. Although some familiarity with PowerShell scripting and the Azure Portal would be beneficial, it is absolutely not necessary, as the scripts are being provided in their entirety and screenshots are shown as of where and how… Continue Reading EXPRESSROUTE PROVISIONING GUIDE

Pre-requisites The following prerequisites must be met, before performing the Core capacity check steps. Internet connection Valid Azure Subscription The person who will perform the below steps must have one of the following roles in the Azure subscription Owner Contributor Some familiarity with the Azure Portal would be beneficial, although… Continue Reading Create Windows Server 2003 Custom VHD for Azure VM Creation