We have been looking for a script which will help us enumerate and list all the extensions for Azure ARM virtual machines and their properties, e.g. Name, Tags assigned, ProvisioningState, etc. and were almost giving up when this thought came upon to write a small one on our own.   sharing… Continue Reading PowerShell script to list all the extensions for a specific Azure ARM virtual machine

This is an Azure Automation Powershell Workflow based runbook which automates the scheduled startup and/or shutdown of virtual machines (ARM) in Azure subscription based on the Tags defined. Script logic:  The runbook implements a solution for scheduled power management of Azure virtual machines in combination with tags on virtual machines… Continue Reading Schedule start or shutdown Azure virtual machine using Azure Automation PowerShell Workflow and Tags

Prerequisites The following pre-requisites must be met before performing the below steps. The backend service must already be in place and fully configured to be exposed via either HTTP or HTTPS. Firewall rules need to be in place to allow traffic to the reverse proxy and from the reverse proxy… Continue Reading Reverse Proxy Configuration in Windows Server 2012 with IIS 8.0 and ARR 3.0

Overview This is a PowerShell script to create reports for all Virtual machines in a subscription including its Resource Group / Virtual Network /IP/NIC/Data disk/Storage/Tags to readable .csv format to help you to identify the deviation and make them standard. The following guide assumes that the user has basic knowledge… Continue Reading PowerShell Script to Generate the Virtual Machine Inventory Hosted in Azure ARM

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