Often you might receive a request to Delete multiple VMs from Azure. its little cumbersome to delete VM and its components from portal. Automation minimize the time and avoid human errors. This could cover the below scenarios: Delete VM, its associated NICs and disks. The following guide assumes that the… Continue Reading Azure VM deletion using the PowerShell script

A tricky task with creating an Azure ARM Virtual machine specially from an existing VHD.   We had immense trouble getting this right for a project, until we managed to find the right script to be used for the purpose. There are 2 scenarios in which you will create a… Continue Reading Create a VM from existing VHD file

Pre-requisites The following prerequisites must be met, before performing the Core capacity check steps. Internet connection Valid Azure Subscription The person who will perform the below steps must have one of the following roles in the Azure subscription Owner Contributor Some familiarity with the Azure Portal would be beneficial, although… Continue Reading Create Windows Server 2003 Custom VHD for Azure VM Creation

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